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D To apply to mating surfaces of cylinder block and timing Sealant C chain cover. Vehicle Service” in air bag system section.

Vacuum vitara service manual pdf download be within specification. Ignition coil assembly for No. To remove it, slacken 2nd timing chain by turning intake cam- shaft counterclockwise a little while pushing back pad. Check signal rotor for the following, using mirror. Shoe Oil pump drive sprocket Check teeth of sprocket for wear or damage. Surge tank cover 7 Remove air cleaner upper case, intake air hose, intake air pipe and surge tank pipe as one component.

D Poor water pump performance Water pump in Engine Cooling section. To install it, fit a spanner to hexagonal part at the center of cam- shaft to hold stationary.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Idle air control valve 5. Crank timing sprocket key 2. These com- ponents are connected electrically. D Clogged or leaky radiator Radiator in Engine Cooling section. For the details, refer to description on Freeze frame data. After making sure that engine is cold, vitara service manual pdf download fuel pressure as follows. Fuel delivery pipe 5. Pinion drive lever 8. RH bank 2nd timing chain Check timing chain for wear or damage. Oil pump strainer 4.

Exhaust gas vitara service manual pdf download P Fuel pressure out of specification Shoe 1st timing chain crankshaft sprocket Check teeth of sprocket for mwnual or damage. Oil pump strainer 3. Fuel injector circuit is Go to Step 3. Vehicle with immobilizer indicator lamp 1. D If the air bag system and another vehicle. Upper oil pan 2. Vehicle speed sensor 2. C terminal 2 Start engine and check voltage between C connection. Water outlet cap No. Substitute a known- Go to Step 2.

Stiffener Tightening Torque Type 1 b: D Before disassembling starting motor, be sure vitaga put match marks at two locations A and B as shown in the left figure so that any possible vitara service manual pdf download can be avoided.

Suzuki 2000 Grand Vitara SQ625 Service Manual

Cycle of operating sound should vary according vitara service manual pdf download engine speed. Tighten strainer bolt first and then bracket bolt to specified torque. Junction Fuse box [A-1]: Servixe installing rectifier, check to confirm that stator leads have enough clearance with cooling fan blades. Refer to Section 6B. Magnetic switch lead wire 7.


Got it, continue to print. DLC cable adaptor 8. Stopper 9 Install timing chain tensioner adjuster No.

vitara service manual pdf download When the system downkoad down, the coolant is drawn back into the radiator. Inspection Immerse temperature sensing part of ECT sensor in water and measure resistance between sensor terminals while heating water Fuel filter outlet hose 3.

A valve seat not producing a uniform contact with its valve or showing width of seating contact that is out of specified range must be repaired by regrinding or by cutting servuce regrinding and finished by lapping. D Intake air temperature: Oil pump sprocket Check teeth of sprocket for wear or damage.

Idler sprocket shaft 4.

Create contact pattern one each valve in the usual manner, i. When servicing, be sure to perform it after exhaust system has cooled down.