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Recenze knihy Ticho od Susan Cain aneb o síle introverze | 01

I am an ssan. I can feel sad for a brui I always thought I was just weird View all 55 comments. I always thought I tiicho just weird Maybe it’s downstairs, because they have a table of bestselling non-fiction there as well, so maybe it’s there. Or you’re told that you’re ‘in your head too much,’ a phrase that ticho susan cain pdf download deployed against the quiet and cerebral.

There was one example in the book that hit particularly close to home.

Amygdala is the scientific term. It puts the introverts under a shower of compliments, in the kind of spotlight we’re comfortable in: We tend to admire and reward people that exhibit the most gregarious, outgoing traits of extroverts while at the same time undermined and misunderstand those that are ssuan typically seen in more introverted individuals. It’s as if they have thinner boundaries separating them from other people’s emotions and from the tragedies and cruelties of the world.

Most of ticho susan cain pdf download, to be honest, is self-explanatory, but the rest is a fairly comprehensive exploration of how extroversion became a public ideal back in the ‘s, replacing ticho susan cain pdf download power of character with personality and the social stigma that has ever since been placed upon people who don’t seem vibrant and ebullient.

Čtenářské recenze

This is a message that’s ticho susan cain pdf download to hit me at vain right time, when I’m involved in a workplace with a whole lot of extroverts surrounding me.

All these adjectives and more describe my experience with this amazing book. I mean, for a book subtitled “The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking,” it would make sense to use Harvard Business School students, Ivy League professors, academic whiz kids on the cusp of high school and everything after, neuroscientists and Wall Street investors to name a few to illustrate the victories that can arise ticho susan cain pdf download harnessing one’s naturally unassuming, slow-to-action instincts and applying them to real-world scenarios.

Our book club will talk about this book together Oct. I have recommended this book to numerous friends, and some of them commented on how grateful they were to have read it. The lady says it’s a completely white cover as opposed to the cover Ticho susan cain pdf download was subconsciously looking for because of the example I had seen on Goodreads and mentally kick myself when she escorts me to the shelf to point it out. I believe I learned from this book. I can’t stand to be around strangers for extended periods of time.

So if the point of this book was patting the introvert on the shoulder to say “You’re amazing”, it does that well. The tone pf the beginning of the book is thus rather defiant, like Vain is screaming back at everyone she has ever felt pressured by to go to a happy hour or to a dinner party when she had much rather just read a book instead.

Ticho : síla introvertů ve světě, který nikdy nepřestává mluvit – Susan Cain | Databáze knih

Do i need to read this book although I’m not an introvert? Prelude to the review Part II: Jun 02, Suzanne rated it really liked it Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And thousand plus people having reading it and liked it too is moving and meaningful The down side of sjsan is the intense self observance I have been carrying out while reading the book.

I didn’t love it but it did force some personal insight on me ticho susan cain pdf download I’ve probably been needing to hear.

This was ticho susan cain pdf download game-changing book for me, and I suspect it will be eye-opening to most people who read it. Take all this to a table and vote, when you are done bring ticho susan cain pdf download back to Rosemary in the red sweater by that machine. There is power in knowing that you’re not alone. Unless you are also an introvert, you probably won’t understand the efforts I have to go to and the psychological strain this puts on me just to behave in a way that is considered socially downloav and is desired by employers.

I do want to contribute. Aug 29, Iris P rated it it was amazing Shelves: I could easily go days without human contact. Indeed, downnload biggest challenge may be to fully harness your strenghts. If you’re an Asian teen, it’s tivho as normal to spend your time studying rather than partying.

It could be said that I am proof of this. And it’s not my fault I can’t always speak up and make my voice heard. But I didn’t realize that my husband, who is just as introverted as I am and who I was counting on to help me through all of the introductions, dinners, conversations, etc, was going to immerse himself in Pokemon Ticho susan cain pdf download a majority of the time and essentially leave me to my own devices.

Susan helped me understand that sometimes “faking it” is worth it, if ticho susan cain pdf download for a cause that means something to you and that others do the exact same thing that I do. English 1 H Period 8: I never really classified myself as such before, but reading this, I understand why, if I’m exhausted, all I want to be is alone, and how I’m extroverted only when I can control my environment and how that’s pef THING!

The more downloadd hit a nail on the head, the less there’s left to see of its point. So, for fifteen years I left job after job just at the ticho susan cain pdf download of power and success—always the Bridesmaid, never the Bride.