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Page 99 Make sure Media transfer mode is downloas on your phone. This process is called USB tethering. Front camera lens When finished, tap OK. You can also rate an application or game and send feedback on it.

In the list that appears, mark and unmark the desired options. Using The Still Camera Using the still camera To take a photo From your Home screen, tapthen find and tap If the still camera is not selected, tap To take a photo, tap the screen. Status And Notifications Rearranging your Application screen Move the applications around on the Application screen according to your eriscson. Emergency calls only You are within range of a network, but you are not allowed to use it.

The account is removed from your phone, but it still exists on the Sony Ericsson server. Mark the Bluetooth checkbox. Select the desired settings.

Front camera lens ericwson To insert the Sony ericsson xperia ray manual pdf download card and the battery To attach the battery cover You have to connect a portable handsfree or headphones, as they work sony ericsson xperia ray manual pdf download the antenna for the FM radio. Face detection cannot be used for all scene types. Pdr the item to view its details, and follow the instructions in your phone to complete your purchase.

Sony Ericsson Xperia ray Startup Manual

Keyboard And Phonepad Settings To open the on-screen keyboard for the first time Hold your phone horizontally and tap a text entry field. Phone Settings Overview Phone settings overview Get to know the settings in your phone so that you can personalise them to your own requirements.

Updating your phone Doanload your phone to the most recent software version to get optimal sony ericsson xperia ray manual pdf download and the latest enhancements.

You can listen to the radio either sony ericsson xperia ray manual pdf download a portable handsfree or headphones, or through the speaker in the phone.

See Connecting your phone to a computer on page 98 for more information on how to transfer content to your phone. To set alarms to sound when the phone is in silent mode From your Home screen, tap Find and tap Alarms, then press Tap Settings. Access the relevant support number on the Sony Ericsson website by clicking the Contact us link at the bottom of the page. And you always have a backup online. Then restart your phone.

To move an application on the Application screen Open the Application screen, then tap Touch and hold an item until it magnifies and the phone vibrates, then drag the item to the new location.

Manual Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

Tap Remove account again to confirm. Sony Ericsson does not warrant the accuracy of any location services including but not limited to navigational services. Assembly To remove the battery cover Use a thumb sony ericsson xperia ray manual pdf download so that you can lift up the cover with more force. For example, you see a coat in a magazine ad and want sony ericsson xperia ray manual pdf download find the nearest retail outlet to buy it. To scroll more quickly, flick your finger in the direction you want to go on the screen.

From the list that erivsson, tap the contact whose information you want to join with the first contact, soy tap OK to confirm. Table Of Contents Using text and multimedia messaging Such changes will, however, be incorporated into new editions of this Startup guide.

Memory Otherwise, your phone repeatedly scans for available networks, and this consumes power. Microphone Select whether to pick up the surrounding sound when recording videos.

Insert your SIM card in another phone. Every event such as text and multimedia messages, missed calls and web service updates appears as a tile in a chronological flow on the screen. You can also update your phone to get the latest software available. Don’t have an account?

Tap the paired device that you want to connect to under Trusted devices for wireless media transf. Important Information Welcome Important information Please read the Important information leaflet before you use your mobile phone. To open the on-screen keyboard for the first time Hold your phone horizontally and tap a text entry field.

To view detailed step-by-step instructions, visit www.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray Extended User Manual

In this case, contact the nearest Sony Ericsson service center. Main camera lens 4. Voicemail To change the ear speaker volume during a call Press the volume key up or down. Legal Information Sony Ericsson does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of any additional content or any other third sony ericsson xperia ray manual pdf download content.

Phone Overview Phone basics Phone overview 1. To access the phone settings From the Home screen, tap Tap Settings. Mark the Network notification checkbox.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray Manual De Usuario

But you can also adjust it to better suit your needs, to receive the information you want, and have fun at the same manua. VPN connections can be set up in many ways, depending on the network. Call Settings Call settings Barring calls You can bar all or certain categories of incoming and outgoing calls.