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Beginner’s Bible Studies

Timeline of Jesus’ Birth Read. WHOM should we pray to? Also, download the charts for teaching the lessons. Mark your Bible for effective studies! Read Why is there sin and suffering? What exactly IS love? What are the fog prayer positions? Read Bible in one year! Bible in a Year.

Read WHY so many Bibles in the world? Best places to pray!

Read Where were the books in Scripture written? Some articles are written by David Riggs and others are compiled by him. Calvinisma review of the five major points of Calvinism, by Allan McNabb. How can you know that God exists?

Basic Bible Studies for Beginners

Read Does God have a personal name? Sweet Hour of Prayer.

Read Why doesn’t God reveal himself more? Why study Hebrew and Greek? Liberalism, Institutionalism among churches of Christ.

When was the New Testament written? Read What are the best prayer positions? Where were the books in Scripture written? It also lists basic reference materials such as Timelines, bible study for beginners pdf download people in the Old and New Testaments, who were the kings and prophets of Israel, what is the difference between the Old and New Covenants and other studies! Why did they kill Jesus killed?

Read WHOM should we pray to? Why did Christ beeginners to DIE? Read What are the different names of Jesus?

Why is there sin and suffering? Definition of Uncommon Words. Is the Mormon Church the Lord’s Church? Read How studg we get the Bible? WHY was the New Testament written? Complied by David Riggs. Read Who were the first disciples Jesus chose?