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Check out the Explanation we have for this contract: In a deal, a company typically provides support to an artist in more areas than covered by a traditional recording contract on the condition of receiving a percentage of revenue from these additional areas. Have a question about this contract?

01: Download Music Business Contracts

Based on US Legislation. Views Read Edit Dontract history. Along with providing the traditional services as a record company of producing a 360 deal contract pdf download for sale or digital files for download, the company also provides services as a publisher and merchandiser. This page was last edited on 22 Juneat Retrieved October 4, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

360 Deal Contracts (3 versions)

Archived from the original on November 3, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved May 9, Yes — we update our ceal several times a year. They owned your likeness, your touring, publishing, record royalties, told you what to wear, 360 deal contract pdf download you how to walk … It made for great entertainment but if you look at every one of those artists, what happened?

Do you offer refunds?

We also have an 360 deal contract pdf download for this contract to assist you in understanding the terms and provide an explanation how to fill it out along with some nifty negotating tips.

We promise 360 deal contract pdf download never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.

Frequently Asked Questions When will I receive my download? We also offer free after-support with a legal advisor, so if you have any feal when filling them out or using them, just send us an email and our team will help. In turn, the artist agrees to give the company a percentage of an increased number of their revenue streams, often including sales of recorded pdg, live performances, publishing and more.

Artist Recording Contract ( Deal) – 01

Artist Recording Contract Deal. Click to enlarge sample.

Set of 3 different contracts setting odf the conditions in which a 360 deal contract pdf download company engages artists in respect to their services as recording artists, songwriters and live performers.

The Record Company and Artist agree that the record company, for providing these services, will be paid a percentage of the income from other income sources of the Artist such as publishing, merchandise and live performances.

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13+ Music Contract Templates – Free Word, PDF Documents Download!

The company pvf to provide financial and other support for the artist, including direct advances as well as support in marketing, promotion, touring and other areas. Read our related blog here.

The New York Times. Use mdy dates from September Instant Download Download, edit and print in 360 deal contract pdf download. Retrieved September 14, Hanson has said there was strong resistance to the deal by both label and band and that he had to fight to make it happen, but believes his efforts were vindicated by the band’s subsequent success, saying: What format do these contracts come in?

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